Our Daniel Connection – Tom Ruggirello

The Sin Offering – Carl Hagensick

October 31st, 2018|English, Video Sermons, Videos, Videos: Doctrine and Prophecy|

Armageddon A Critical Part of God`s Master Plan – Bob Goodman

Armageddon is described as a dreadful and fearful time. What does the Bible reveal about how this is a critical part of God`s Master plan for man?

The Battle is the Lord`s – John Hull

Often we find ourselves overwhelmed with the cares of life. We can only find peace if we lean on the arm of the Lord. What is meant by the phrase `The Battle is the Lord`s`?

The Last 50 Years – Len Griehs

Our world has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. What Bible prophecies are we seeing fulfilled in our day?

Learning to Trust Him Where We Cannot Trace Him – Jerry Wesol

Trust is a critical element of our Christian walk. How do we learn to trust him where we can not trace him?

That We Might Endure the Fellowship of His Sufferings

What does it mean to know the fellowship of His (Jesus`) sufferings?

A World in Disarray – Part 1 – Len Griehs

The world is increasingly in a state of disarray and disintegration. What changes does the Bible reveal we can expect in the religious, political and social systems?

The Covenant of Salt – Chris Kuenzli

What is the covenant of salt and what is the Biblical importance of salt?


Anger is prevalent the world today. Why is Anger listed as one of the seven deadly sins and what can it do to our characters?