As In The Days of Noah – The Significance of The Biblical Flood in History and Prophecy – Allen Springer

The Significance of The Biblical Flood in History and Prophecy. The video outlines the comparison of the Flood in Noah’s Day to the Second Coming of Christ as described in Matthew 24 “As in Noah’s Day…”

De la Mine s-a intamplat lucrul acesta

O Prezentare video care explica de ce permite Dumnezeu diferite experiente in viata noastra.

9/11 First Responder Interview

Hear from one of the first responders at ground zero on 9/11. His compelling story reveals how this earth shattering event bolstered his faith in God.

The Truth about Hell – Michael Nekora

Hell has been a frightful place in the minds of many, but is there really fire in hell, or does the Bible teach something much different? The Bible hell is not a burning place of torment, but a place of stillness and quietness. This video will show you in the Bible the true meaning regarding […]

The Blind Spot

The scriptures describe each of us as having blind spots. Do you know what your blind spot is and what the Bible teaches to correct it?

Where Was God? – Bob Gray

A compelling video, examining the age-old question: If there is a God, why did He permit evil? Why did the September 11th tragedy, and countless others have to happen? Couldn’t God have stopped these tragedies? Why do bad things happen to good people? Will only members of a certain religion be saved?

Our Sacrifical Offerings to God

We are told to take up our cross and follow Him. What does God expect us to do as stewards of everything that he has given us?

Redeeming the Time – Rick Suraci

To walk in the image of Christ we must be careful stewards of how we spend out time. What keys does the Bible provide about redeeming our time?

Financial Turmoil and Prophecy

We live in a time of financial turmoil. What does the Bible tells us about these times?

This Thing is From Me

God overrules in the lives of Christians. Why do bad things happen to good people?