Rest in the Lord – Ernie Kuenzli

How can we have the peace of God and rest in the Lord?

Precious Fruit of the Earth – Tom Ruggirello

What is the precious fruit of the earth mentioned in the Bible?

And to Brotherly Kindness Love – Ernie Kuenzli

What is Brotherly love and why is it so important that the Christian attain it?

A Glimpse of Heaven – Tom Ruggirello

The apostle Paul was given a glimpse of the God’s kingdom. What did he see?

Jacobs Prayer and the Left Handed Blessing – Joe Megacz

The Bible records the stories of Jacob’s prayer and his left handed blessing. Why did Jacob give a left handed blessing and what did it mean?

How Do You Know That You Have the Truth? – Bob Goodman

Our Lord posed the question to Pilot, what is truth? The question for us is, how do you know you have the truth?

The Apple of His Eye – Tom Ruggirello

Who is the apple of God’s eye?

Bright Hope for the World – Len Griehs

God has promised a glorious kingdom where there will be peace and safety. What is the bright hope for the world taught in the Bible?

The Trial of Your Faith – Ernie Kuenzli

It is essential that we build faith through difficult character sculpting events. Why does the Bible say that the trial of our faith is more precious than gold?

Four Fifties – Erwin Kalinski

The number fifty is of special significance in the Bible. What are the four fifties that are associated with different Bible ages?