In the Lord’s Service – Dariusz Grudzien

What are the responsibilities of being in the Lord’s service?

Time Prophecy – David Rice

What time prophecies do the Bible reveal?

Three Great Feasts Unto the Lord – Mark Davis

What are the three great feasts Unto the Lord?

Deciphering Bible Student Jargon – Bob Goodman

Bible Students use language that is unique to their understanding of the Bible. Do you understand Bible Student jargon?

And in Perserverance, Godliness – Ernie Kuenzli

Only after we have mastered patience can we truly appreciate God’s character. What is the importance of striving for Godliness in our character transformation

An Eternal Love Song – Tom Ruggirello

What is the eternal love song found in the Bible?

And In Brotherly Kindness, Love – Ernie Kuenzli

After learning brotherly love, we can finally move on to agape love. What is agape love and why is it the most difficult to attain?

God’s Great Goodness – David Christiansen

Do you fully understand the goodness of God?

Blessed Are the Merciful – Ernie Kuenzli

Mercy is an attribute that is not esteemed in the world today. How is mercy essential to the development of our Christian character?

Psalm 16:11 – Pleasures Forevermore – Brian Montague

The 16th Psalm describes a promise of pleasures forevermore. When is the time when we will experience pleasures forevermore?