Three Great Feasts Unto the Lord – Mark Davis

What are the three great feasts Unto the Lord?

The Stars Cry Out – George Tabac

What can the stars tell us about the birth of Christ?

Walking in the Light – Adam Kopczyk

What is meant by the scripture which describes walking in the light?

God’s Great Goodness – David Christiansen

Do you fully understand the goodness of God?

Blessed Are the Merciful – Ernie Kuenzli

Mercy is an attribute that is not esteemed in the world today. How is mercy essential to the development of our Christian character?

Psalm 16:11 – Pleasures Forevermore – Brian Montague

The 16th Psalm describes a promise of pleasures forevermore. When is the time when we will experience pleasures forevermore?

Blessed are the Pure in Heart – Ernie Kuenzli

Why is purity of heart such an essential to developing the Character of Christ?

Moments With the Savior – Tom Ruggirello

Whats was it like to walk with Jesus?

Precious is the Death of His Saints – Bob Goodman

Many people are burdened with the encumbrance of aging and disease. Yet we are told that these things are precious. What lessons can we learn from what the scriptures say about the dying process?

Greatness of God – Russ Marten

The Bible and all nature declare the glory of God.