The Apple of His Eye – Tom Ruggirello

Who is the apple of God’s eye?

Bright Hope for the World – Len Griehs

God has promised a glorious kingdom where there will be peace and safety. What is the bright hope for the world taught in the Bible?

The Trial of Your Faith – Ernie Kuenzli

It is essential that we build faith through difficult character sculpting events. Why does the Bible say that the trial of our faith is more precious than gold?

Four Fifties – Erwin Kalinski

The number fifty is of special significance in the Bible. What are the four fifties that are associated with different Bible ages?

Blessed Are the PeaceMakers – Ernie Kuenzli

God tells us we should become peacemakers. What is the importance of molding our characters into peacemakers?

Deciphering Bible Student Jargon – Bob Goodman

Bible Students use language that is unique to their understanding of the Bible. Do you understand Bible Student jargon?

And in Perserverance, Godliness – Ernie Kuenzli

Only after we have mastered patience can we truly appreciate God’s character. What is the importance of striving for Godliness in our character transformation

An Eternal Love Song – Tom Ruggirello

What is the eternal love song found in the Bible?

And In Brotherly Kindness, Love – Ernie Kuenzli

After learning brotherly love, we can finally move on to agape love. What is agape love and why is it the most difficult to attain?

God’s Great Goodness – David Christiansen

Do you fully understand the goodness of God?