This is a prophecy relating to "the last days" (`verse 3`) and is contrary to the expectations of many Christian people who are anticipating the world's conversion to Christianity before the second coming of the Lord. This is a clear-cut statement of the Apostle describing the conditions that would exist in the last times. Had he been living in these times he could not have described the situation of affairs in the world more accurately or concisely. Is it not true that "treasures have been heaped together?" It is said that one man controls directly and indirectly more than $16,000,000,000 and that another individual has given away over $200,000,000 and yet has not touched the principal of his wealth. Are not the "rich men" living in pleasure; and are they not "wanton" (extravagant-luxurious) in their ways of living? (`Verse 5`.) Expensive palaces, yachts, automobiles, jewels, balls, banquets, and various forms of amusements are aggravating the poor and the unemployed to such an extent that they are crying out; and these "cries" (`verse 4`) have swelled into a mighty volume and find expression throughout all the public press. Do not all intelligent people know that the vast accumulation of wealth has been brought about mainly by "fraud" (verse 4)? It is the farming class, "the laborers who have reaped down your fields," that are the real wealth producers of the world, and these are the ones who have been defrauded the most by the political and financial frauds of the times. Pity the poor rich (verse 1) in the coming "time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation" (`Mat. 24:21`), for theirs will be a season of special sorrow and anguish of mind when all the accumulated wealth will become valueless. `Verses 2 and 3`.