Below is a List of Videos of Special Interest

God’s Kingdom – TV Program

Christians pray: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven." When will this Kingdom come? What will this kingdom be like? How will God's Kingdom answer all the problems of mankind?

Great Piramid and the Bible – TV Program

Learn about this great magnificent ancient wonder of the world. Who built the Great Pyramid? What can we learn from it? Are there any mysteries inside? View the Great Pyramid as a silent stone witness in harmony with the Scriptures.

God’s Millennium – Tom Ruggirello

With the beginning of the new Millennium attention is brought upon Christ's 1,000 year reign. The Bible describes a Millennium in which all who are in their graves will come back to life. What will happen at that time? What hope is there for [...]

Peace of God – Bill Gill

How can the Christian have peace in this troubled world? Inspiring hymns, precious promises from Scriptures and beautiful scenes will touch your heart and mind with the “Peace of God.” The experiences of life are brought into a meaningful perspective. [...]

Can these bones live – TV Program

Ezekiel’s vision of the Valley of Dry Bones is given in Ezekiel 37. How is this prophecy of Israel’s rebirth being fulfilled today? View the events of Israel’s coming to life in the 20th century. What does it all mean? What lies ahead for [...]

The Great Pyramid: Ancient Wonder, Modern Mystery – TV Program

This film reveals amazing scientific, mathematical, historical and prophetic features of this ancient wonder and presents evidence that the Great Pyramid was pre-Egyptian, and was a prophetic blueprint illustrating God's plan for mankind. Experts explore its chambers and passages, uncovering astounding evidence of its [...]

Israel – Appointment with Destiny – TV Program

This stirring documentary has been hailed as a most inspiring and comprehensive historical portrayal of the Jewish people, of Zionism and of the State of Israel. Current issues surrounding Israel are all brought into focus. Acclaimed in the Jewish Press and the Jerusalem Post. [...]

The Truth about Hell – Michael Nekora

Hell has been a frightful place in the minds of many, but is there really fire in hell, or does the Bible teach something much different? The Bible hell is not a burning place of torment, but a place of stillness and quietness. This [...]

The Blind Spot

The scriptures describe each of us as having blind spots. Do you know what your blind spot is and what the Bible teaches to correct it?

Where Was God? – Bob Gray

A compelling video, examining the age-old question: If there is a God, why did He permit evil? Why did the September 11th tragedy, and countless others have to happen? Couldn't God have stopped these tragedies? Why do bad things happen to good people? Will [...]

The Restoration of Israel – TV Program

Encourages Christians to honor the Biblical heritage of the Nation of Israel. Follow Israel's arduous journey through antiquity as beautiful motion pictures, including remarkable historic footage, bear witness to fulfillment of prophecy. Israel, in process of restoration since 1878, is an inspiring living testimony [...]