The Ministry of Trials – Edmund Jezuit

No one enjoys trials. However, in a Christian context they take on a different perspective. When rightly understood, they can be helpful to spiritual growth. This video explains the many benefits of our trying experiences.

Wilt Thou Go With This Man – Tom Ruggirello

"Wilt thou go with this man" was asked of Rebecca as Abraham's servant searched for a bride for his son Isaac. She would have to decide simply by the description she was given and God's promise associated with Isaac. This story illustrated a greater [...]

Come to Bethlehem – Tom Ruggirello

Those who came to Bethlehem to see the new born Jesus came by invitation only. The reason for their selection carries with it subtle messages from God. This video describes who were invited and why. The gifts brought by the wise men from the [...]

The Prophet and the Prince – Tom Ruggirello

Nehemiah (the prince) oversaw much of the rebuilding work in Israel after the Babylonian captivity. The words of the prophet Malachi served to reprove the people as poverty and outside pressure caused them to lose the vison of a rebuilt nation. The powerful lessons [...]

Prison Experiences – Tom Roggirello

Prison comes in many forms. One can either be destroyed or strengthened by the experience. This video traces some Biblical examples of how faithful people dealt with the psychological stress of being captive. God's overruling hand is seen in each experience.

The Half Was Never Told – Tom Ruggirello

"The half was never told." These are the words of the Queen of Sheba when she visited Solomon in Jerusalem. The fame of Solomon had spread throughout the world, and the Queen of Sheba journeyed to Israel to see if what she had heard [...]

Deliverance – Tom Ruggirello

Deliverance happens in many different ways. This video describes various Bible characters who experienced a personal deliverance. It then describes how the Christian is being prepared to help in the great deliverance of mankind.


Anger is prevalent the world today. Why is Anger listed as one of the seven deadly sins and what can it do to our characters?