About Us

The Bible Students are an autonomous non-denominational Christian fellowship.

This fellowship has no central head, office or central publishing house. It maintains an association through conventions and enjoys a fellowship worldwide. Our Ministers are not paid. We never pass a collection plate.

We welcome all to share with us in the study of God’s Word. There is no central organization to join and no creed to affirm. Our services are simple as those of the early church. Our congregation benefits from the prayers support of one another and our fellowship is warm and friendly.

We accept Christ as our Personal Savior and that he died not only for the Christian, but for the entire world. We accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and study it in its entirety – both the Old and New Testaments – seeking the harmony of the complete Scriptural Testimony.

We believe that each individual is responsible to personally study and prove the interpretation of the Bible for themselves. (2 Timothy 2:15) We strongly recommend topical Bible Study as the best means of arriving at God’s meaning on each subject, and we provide study aids to that end. We support continual Bible Reading on a personal basis.

We have Christian groups and meetings all in all parts of Unites States and many other countries in the world
If you want to contact one of our Christian groups in Unites States, please use the address below or other website and links.

Chicago Bible Students
P.O. Box 661335
Chicago, IL 60666-1335
1-800-Gods Plan