From the Scriptural narrative of the creation of man, it is evident that God, the Creator, designed to have an intelligent creature made in His own likeness, with an individual will capable of deciding for good or evil. Man has the power of willing to do as he, himself desires. Had he been created otherwise he would not have been in the likeness of God, but a mere machine controlled and directed by the Divine will. We may reasonably suppose that Adam chose to disobey the Lord because of his love for Eve. She had been deceived by the Adversary, Satan, and had partaken of the forbidden fruit, the penalty for which was death. Adam, realizing that she must die, deliberately chose to share her fate, as life without her would not be worth living. We are distinctly told that Adam was not deceived (`1 Tim. 2:14`) and we could conceive of no other motive on the part of a perfect man in disobeying the Divine mandate, than that of love for his bride.

The first man Adam became a living soul (`1 Cor. 15:45`; `Gen. 2:7`), the last Adam (the Lord from heaven, `1 Cor. 15:47`) at His resurrection became a life giving spirit also?