Yes. The Bible confirms this.

Some movies or books present the idea that the dead aren’t really dead, but are instead more alive than ever after they pass on. This is a lie that started with Satan when he told Eve in the Garden of Eden she would not die if she disobeyed God. Today, many people believe the lie that Satan told…but do we want to follow a deceitful liar, or God?

In the book of John, (5:28,29 NLT) Jesus said, “Don’t be so surprised! …the time is coming when all the dead in their graves will hear the voice of God’s Son, and they will rise again…” 

Consider this: If the dead are not really dead, then why would Jesus need to resurrect them?

Ecclesiastes says, (9:10, NLT) “…For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom.”

This Scripture is saying a person can’t do anything in the grave because they are dead.

Ezekiel (18:20, NASB) says: “The person who sins will die.” Since all humans are sinners, (except for Jesus when he was human), all of humankind dies. It does not say, “The person who sins turns into an angel or a ghost and continues living.” 

This topic often brings added confusion as to what a “soul” is. This word “soul” from the original Hebrew can also be translated in English as “living being.” The Bible says the soul is made up of two parts. 

To create the first man Adam, Genesis (2:7) tells us God took dust from the ground to make a body and breathed into man what is called the breath of life. And “…man became a living soul.”  Human life can only exist if these two parts – body and breath of life – are working together. So, a person does not “have” a soul…they ARE a soul! The soul is not something separate that escapes and lives on after a person dies.

So, are the dead really dead? Yes! The Bible confirms that all people go to the grave, to wait as though they are sleeping until the resurrection. When we think that the dead are simply dead, it can seem harsh. But that is not true. Being raised is the very next thing a person will know after they die, because  there is no consciousness when we are dead. It’s like being in dreamless sleep. If you’ve ever had surgery or talked to someone who has, it’s like having anesthesia. It feels like we have been asleep only an instant, when it could have been many hours or in the case of humankind overall – centuries. Faithful, spirit begotten Christians will awaken to a heavenly spiritual reward. Everyone else who has ever lived will awaken to a promised resurrection on a perfect earth.

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