Free Christian Resources. It includes:
– The daily Scripture (a daily scripture with comments).
– Songs in the night (a daily scripture with comments).
– Morning Devotions
– Hymns of Dawn (1-361).
– Audio Resources – Bible Audio, Bible Studies Audio on various topics, over 1000 Christian hymns
– Audio Sermons – over 20000 Christian sermons on different subjects. You can view them by categories or search for a subject or speaker.
You can minimize the app and have the audio resources play in the background while you use other apps. If you use it on the phone, the sound will stop when a call comes in and resume after you finish the call.
– Bible Videos – close to 300 Bible presentation, videos on different subjects
You have the option to download audio files and discourses and listen to them when you don’t have internet connection. You also have the option to add them to a favorites menu.