As narrated in the second chapter of Luke, verses 21-23, (`Luke 2:21-23`) the mother of Jesus, in conformity with the Law which had been given to the Israelites by the Lord God through Moses, presented Him in consecration to the Heavenly Father. (See `Exo. 13:12,15,6`.) This presentation could not take place until the time of the mother's purification had been fulfilled; which, according to the Law, (`Lev. 12:1-4`) would require forty days. All of the first-born of the children of Israel are represented as belonging unto the Lord, and to redeem these from sacrificial service the Law required that a substitute should be offered, either a lamb, or two doves, and these must be sacrificed. (`Exo. 13:12-15`.) We believe that it was this Jewish custom that is largely responsible for the consecration services observed by some of the Lard's saintly people of the present day. –`1 Sam. 1:22-28`.