Children's Daily Manna - December 9

After the way which they call heresy, so worship I (Paul) the God of my fathers. (Acts 24:14)

Heresy is any opinion opposed to official or established and accepted views or doctrines. For those who had been brought up in the traditional Jewish manner, to convert to Christianity meant becoming a heretic opposed to established religious views. Paul was not ashamed of this. It is no different now; when one differs with established religious groups he may be called a heretic. Romans 1:16

Manna Children Manna for younger children, with image
This is designed for children under 10yr old makes it more practical and easy to understand at their level

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This book tells so many beloved Bible storied in beautiful and colorful pages. It begins with the beginning of all of us, moves through the Old Testement and through the new and includes Jesus’s birth and miracles and the great journeys of the apostles.

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