• ADD Russian Hymnbook (Песни Тысячелетнего Рассвета)
  • Disable swipe next and previous for Hymn Books. This was creating issues with sliding down. You can use the arrows to advance or go to previous
  • Fix Bible Videos For Children layout
  • Fix Crash issue on 4.4 Android Version
  • Show video view count under each category and topic
  • Under Video Screen added more information about videos: Convention, location, Video Type, Video Length.
  • Separate Videos by language set on previous screen
  • Under Bible Videos, by default load all Videos for the language selected in the app
  • Add Search option for Sermons Under New Sermons Screen
  • Bible Videos Search Improvement
  • Bible Videos By default showing Featured videos
  • Add video for Romanian Hymns of Dawn (Romanian/Menu/Hymns of Dawn)
  • Added second Hymnbook for Romanian language
  • Added More Hymns for Secondary Ukrainian Hymnbook
  • Improve Home posts to display by language
  • Bug fix: While opening app in other languages than English would still set the menu to English
  • Add Top Title For Bible FAQ and other Screens
  • Added new menu item: Bible FAQ
  • Rearrange menu items
  • Improve content format on home screen posts (based on app version)
  • Fix crash issues on Webview Screen
  • Manage Internal or External Links functionality
  • Update Tablet Main Menu
  • For Bible Videos added note for new videos and when they were added
  • When you share Bible Videos, or Children’s Videos, they would open on our website
  • For Bible Children Videos added note for new videos and when they were added
  • Added new links from home screen (Children’s Bible Videos)
  • Fix Crash issue on Audio Resources Main Screen
  • Fix Crash issue on WebView Screen
  • Upgrade to Android 29 Library, and fix Support for Android 10
  • Fix issue where Book name was not showing and Book Chapter
  • Front Posts Formatting
  • Redesign Audio Resources Screen
    – Added new thumbnail images
    – Display New Audio Files
    – Show files count
    – Changed Slider Menu icons
  • Add ALL Camp Books Hymns(Text)
  • Add Other Camp Books Hymns(Audio)
  • Added Video and Manna subscription on Manna screen for Tablets
  • Add Settings Option on Home Screen (Menu Top Right)
  • Change sharing audio files link to open on the website
  • NEW!!! Highlight Scriptures on Bible Screen
  • View your highlighted scriptures, share, copy
  • Redesign Bible Screen top toolbar and added more options.
  • Now you can add Manna to Favorites and view your favorites in one place
  • Added ability to subscribe to receive Manna by email daily from Manna screen
  • Redesign Manna top toolbar and added more options
  • Fix Daily Heavenly Manna last line cut off
  • Fixed Tamil manna for June 25th
  • Add Next and Previous for Hymn Book Screen
  • On Hymns Books screen, enable swipe left and right to navigate to different hymns
  • Redesign Audio Sermons screens. Added the ability to sort by
    Most Recent
    Number of files
  • Highlight the Conventions with new files
  • Disable autofocus on searchview for Children’s Videos
  • Disable text selection on Daily Heavenly Manna since it was not working well with swipe gestures (Swipe left and right to go forward or backward).
  • Redesigned Children’s Resources screen
  • Redesign the New Sermons Screen and added the convention as a second row
  • Redesign the Search Sermons Screen and added the convention as a second row
  • Added Search option for Bible Videos and Children’s Videos
  • Added Popup after each update with New Features and Fixes
  • On home screen added new icon on the right top corner that allows you to see the new features and fixes and switch interface
  • On Audio Sermons Screen, focus on textfield when search is pressed and hide the softkeyboard on cancel.
  • Fixed a bug where contact email was not populating under Contact us and Report a bug
  • Changed font family on Daily Manna Screen and add more space between lines
  • Changed font family on Bible Screen and add more space between lines
  • Changed font family and size on Home Screen
  • Redesign More Resources Screen:
    – new icons
    – new font
    – new options
  • Introduced the changelog option
  • Enabled option for text to be selected and copied on following screens:
    – Daily Heavenly Manna
    – Morning Devotions
    – Hymns of dawn
    – Bible/Commentaries/ Books
  • Fixed crash on Search Sermon Screen
  • Changed main App color
  • Redesign many screens
  • Update icons
  • Bug fixes