• HIGHLIGHT option under Books (Bible, commentary, Books menu, then Books tab). You may view your highlighted notes and go directly to them
  • Now you can sort the audio files and Sermons under History, Favorites and Downloads. Press Edit/Sort on top toolbar on that screen
  • Under Audio Sermons, you may download PDFs files to your local device, or open in browser
  • Under Daily Manna Screen, when you press the Reprint Article, it takes you directly to the Reprint, and also you will see the text from manna, highlighted in blue
  • The time listened to an audio file get’s recorded and you can continue listening from where you stopped if you close the app.
  • The last listened audio files are displayed on home screen. You may remove them and enable back from settings
  • Add forward 10 sec and back 10 sec for Manna, Bible , Hymns and Precious Promises
  • Daily Manna Updates:
    – Link Bible verses to the Bible Screen, so you can read the Bible Context
    – Link Content to the Herald Article
    – Add Categories and you can view all daily Manna in different categories
    – Search by words in Manna, Songs in the Night or Children’s Manna
  • Display What’s new, after each update
  • Bugs and fixes:
  • Update audio file name in Control Center when a new audio file is playing
  • Fix bug where multiple audio files would play while pausing in Control Center
  • Fix Bible Videos showing 2 columns on iPhone
  • Fix bug where PDF was not showing on Hymn Books screen
  • COMING SOON – Christian Resources available for MAC
  • Added latest resources on Home Screen
  • Added player speed for audio files to play audios slower of faster
  • Under audio files added more options for each audio file. This gives the option to download, favorite, share.
  • Added option under settings to change the Font Type of the App
  • Fix issue where more than audio file would play at the same time while using control center.
  • Many minor improvements
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Completely redesign the app and update background code
  • Ability to highlight a Bible Verse
  • Options to Favorite Manna Texts
  • Added more Resources for Children and redesign the screen
  • Options to favorite Hymns of Dawn and Camp Songs
  • Include text for all Camp Songs
  • Completely redesign the Audio Sermons screen
  • You can sort the folder by last added hymns
  • Player update to be on the same screen with Sermons
  • If you share a sermon, the end user will have the option to listen to the sermon directly in the app
  • Redesign Audio Resources screen and added more options
  • Added more settings and options:
    – You can change the color theme
    – App works with Dark Mode, and you can control this under settings