Our belief is that all the Bible records historically happened literally, except maybe when it says that animals speak, it may be in the mind of the individual interpreting the actions of the animal.  In the case of the Sun standing still, we do not believe that the Earth stopped spinning for a day. Rather we believe that somehow the Lord caused it to appear that the Sun stood still.  Whether he did this with another light in the heavens, or used an object in the heavens to reflect the light of the sun makes little difference to us.  The point is that Joshua’s prayer, which was in accord with the Lord’s purposes, was answered, and a picture was drawn for us about the day of God’s vengeance upon those who do not fear him.

For a more detailed discussion, please see the following article in Beauties of the Truth: The link is www.beautiesofthetruth.org  Then click on the past issue of August 2009. The front feature article is on Joshua’s long day.