No; nor does He every day order the stars in their courses, nor the earthquakes, famines and pestilences. At the present time, because of sin, the entire course of nature is permitted to be out of joint, so far as this earth is concerned. Our weather is not ideal at all times; God knows this and permits it as a part of the penalty of death upon Adam's race. Present conditions are not what God would have provided for Adam and his posterity had sin not entered into the world. Extremes of heat and cold, floods and droughts, death-dealing tornadoes and cyclones are the world's portion as criminals under death sentence; they are parts of the curse. Christians are not exempted from these, but are required to walk by faith, sharing the world's experiences; yet by this faith and the Holy Spirit to recognize themselves as "sons of God without rebuke" (`Phil. 2:15`), learning through all life's experiences lessons which will fit them for their future work of glory with Christ in His Millennial Kingdom. God's promise is that then there shall be no more curse–no more dying, no more crying. Instead, the time will come for the restitution of man and his earthly home to the perfection of grandeur of the Edenic condition (`Acts 3:19-21`.) Thus God will make the place of His feet, the earth, "glorious." Paradise lost will be Paradise regained.