As the Scriptures are silent on this subject, and as much as the gentler and fairer sex is to be admired, to be in harmony with the Bible, and to answer the question therefrom (however painful it may be to state the fact) it is necessary to set forth the awful truth that women do not have souls! But what is still more painful to relate, according to the Bible, man does not possess a soul, either! Some good, well-meaning people who have read their Bibles, but not with careful thought, have been rather careless in the use of language when referring to Scriptural matters. No one has a soul; but every living, breathing creature is a soul. In the quotation above it is stated that "man became a living soul" and not that he was given a soul. The breath of life, the energizing principle imparted to the body alone is the soul. It was the union of the two, the life and the body, which produced the intelligent creature–the soul. Woman, therefore, is as much a soul as man.