There are some at the present day who believe that modern authors, teachers and poets are as fully inspired as were the Apostles. Even some clergymen apparently have the thought that they themselves are as authentic and reliable authorities, and should be regarded as such. If this view is the right one, then inspiration is a cheap article, and wholly unreliable when we reflect upon the many conflicting theories and doctrines that have been promulgated by modern theological authorities. The Apostle Peter, in referring to the inspiration of the Sacred Writers, declares that "Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit." (`2 Pet. 1:21`.) That is to say, God's holy power or influence operating upon the minds of the Prophets caused them to speak and to write of future things in relationship to the Divine purposes, which even they themselves did not understand. (`Dan. 12:8,9`.) The Apostles likewise were caused to write of matters that would be necessary to the spiritual interests and welfare of the Lord's people in after times. (`2 Tim. 3:16,17`.) Plenary inspiration has not existed since the days of our Lord and the Apostles, and is not needed, as the Scriptures are complete and sufficient of themselves.