Faith may be cultivated as any other mental quality, and is increased in proportion to knowledge and reliance upon that knowledge. To have faith in God we must learn His character, plans, and purposes. This we acquire by a study of His word and relying upon the promises and truths therein stated. False doctrines have made God's character appear hideous. "Fear (dread) of him is taught by the precepts of men." A true knowledge of his character and plan greatly increase our faith in and love for him. Faith is scripturally defined as "the understanding of things hoped far, the proof of things unseen." Man hopes for eternal life in happiness. A basis for that hope is found in the word of God. A doubter may become a most earnest and tenacious believer upon receiving proper evidence. "Life is the gift of God through Jesus Christ." (`Rom. 6:23`.) His word is the only evidence pointing out clearly the way of obtaining that gift. To increase our faith we must, therefore, study God's word in a humble and prayerful manner, with the desire to know and do His will, and to rely upon His word. One who knows the letter of His word and fails to rely upon it has little faith. Another both knows the word and relies upon it and strong faith results. This is illustrated by the following incident; A man doubting the strength of the ice to bear his weight crawled across the river an his hands and knees, and just as he reached the opposite shore he was overtaken by a man, who had confidence in the strength of the ice, gaily driving a team of horses hitched to a sled loaded with pig iron.