Children like stories. So, read your children the wonderful Bible stories and teach them the faith and character-building lessons associated with each story.​ 

We have many children’s books available for purchase at   Or you could read these books online by downloading the free PDFs.

Here are a few books we recommend:

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This beautifully illustrated book is written for children 8 years old and older. It is a Bible story book that begins with the creation of all things and explains, through simple words and illustrations, the great truths of the Bible and God’s plan for all people. It is also a valuable tool in preparing Sunday School lessons through the basic stories and doctrines taught in the Bible.  Download the free PDF: "God's Plan for Everybody" 

This 245 page, spiral bound children's workbook explains the many lessons in the Ten Commandments. The primary emphasis is to familiarize children with each commandment and to point out various character lessons appropriate to Christian growth as illustrated in each commandment.  Children are fertile ground for planting seeds of righteousness and truth. This workbook is intended for that purpose. Download the free PDF: "The Ten Commandments"

The tabernacle was an Old Testament mobile temple that God had directed the Israelites to build. It was moved from place to place as they journeyed through the wilderness for forty years. It symbolically depicts the sacrifice of Jesus and his faithful followers. This 22 page, full-color booklet describes the overall layout as well as each article of furniture, and their symbolism. Every Christian should be aware of the beautiful details that God provided of the future ages of sacrifice and blessing. Download the free  PDF: "Israel's Tabernacle"

This 83 page, paperback, spiral bound book is recommended for ages 8 and older as it tells the story of Jesus’ twelve apostles and their individual experiences. Download the free PDF: "The Twelve Apostles of the Lamb"

This short, 10 page paperback workbook highlights the Plan of God for children 8-12 years of age. Download the free PDF: "The Greatest Mystery Ever"

Although the fruits and graces of the Spirit are especially necessary to the development of the New Creation, these character lessons will always be appropriate for anyone at any age. This book has been developed for children 11 years and up. The primary emphasis is not only to provide a definition of each fruit and grace of character, but also to point out a variety of illustrations from Bible stories and other lessons which encourage character growth. The lessons may be challenging to children under the age of 11, however, with adult supervision, they can be adapted for younger children. Filled with stories, puzzles, word mixes and more, this book will be a delightful source of learning for Christian children.  Download the free PDF: "Fruits and Graces in the Garden of God"