Being able to call Scriptures to mind is a powerful skill. Verses can bring us or others comfort during difficult times, or give us good advice when faced with a decision or problem. Knowing where to find Scriptures quickly also helps us in our Bible study.

2 Timothy (3:16 CEV) says, “Everything in the Scriptures is God's Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live.”

You’re more likely to remember a verse if it’s meaningful to you. Ask a family member or church friend to help you choose one. Do you want to memorize something Jesus said from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John? To praise God, you might turn to Psalms. Looking for some good advice? Try theV  book of Proverbs. 

Many students find flashcards to be helpful. Write the Scripture on one side and the book, chapter and verse on the other side. After studying, look at one side and see if you can  remember what’s on the other side. Then turn it over and do the reverse. Just like actors who memorize their lines, repetition is the key!

Do you ever sing along to your favorite song? You weren’t born knowing the words; you remember because of the combination of music and repetition. Try creating a little tune for your Scripture. If you sing it enough times, it will stick in your head just like your favorite song does. Teach your song to others so they can learn too!

For some people, writing things down helps their memory. Try writing your Scripture ten times every day for five days. Say it out loud as you write. On the sixth day, see if you can recite it.

Sometimes things are easier with a little support. Ask a friend to memorize with you, and then set goals for yourselves. Maybe you’ll both try to learn one new verse per week.

Lastly, we can recite our memorized Scriptures to God in prayer. By doing this, we are not only praising Him, but we are helping the verses stick in our minds by repeating them to God, the best listener in the universe!

So, how can we memorize Scriptures? We can choose verses that are meaningful to us, create flash cards, set our Scriptures to music, write them down multiple times, set goals with friends, tell God in prayer, and repeat, repeat, repeat!

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