How can we be more thankful to God?

When we think about God and everything He created for us, we can’t help but feel thankful and want to tell him in prayer. James (1:17) says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above…”

Let’s dig deeper into how we can appreciate these gifts on a whole new level!

Did you ever break a bone or scrape your knee? Isn’t it amazing how your body can heal by itself? For most of us, blood starts to automatically clot and bones know how to rebuild themselves. We can thank God for that “human body technology”!

God didn’t have to make so many delicious foods for us to eat. He could have provided all of our nutrients in a boring, tasteless grey block…but instead, he provided countless ways for us to enjoy ourselves at mealtimes, with different kinds of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, all unique in their appealing colors, tastes and smells…

Do you have a pet that brings you joy? God didn’t just stop at dogs and cats. Scientists believe that there are 1-2 million species of animals on the Earth, and they’re still discovering more…by the way, there are more than 400,000 flowering plants to enjoy – which is your favorite?

It’s good to thank God for general things like friends and family, but let’s be even more thankful by counting our blessings in specific ways.

Are you laying on a bed instead of the floor? Is there heat for your home in winter and air conditioning in the summer? Does your house have running water so you can stay clean? Do you love playing in the snow? How about swimming in the ocean? Try to make a list of 10 specific things that you are thankful for, and then tell God all about them in prayer!

So, how can we be more thankful to God? We can go deeper in our level of appreciation by thinking about everything he created in more detail. We can also make a list of specific things that we are thankful for and then tell God in prayer why we appreciate them so much.

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