“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Matthew 7:7

There are several methods we may use to knock and seek. The first of these actions is prayer. Praying to God, we knock and seek answers to nagging questions and problems. Then we patiently wait, leaving time for God to give us His answers.

The Bible, as a book of stories and advice, has many timeless lessons. When we analyze these scriptures, they can become a source of answers, which will open our understanding.

At other times when we are troubled, we talk with others, especially mature Christians – and that is also a form of searching and knocking. When another mature Christian shares the wisdom and experience he has garnered over the years, the Lord can speak truth to us through him. An example is the Ethiopian eunuch, who was trying to understand the book of Isaiah. The Lord responded to him through Philip (Acts 8:30-35). Additionally, Nicodemus, who also had many questions, directly asked the Lord Jesus. Jesus shared some deep concepts with him. (See John 3:1-22.)

So when something is bothering you, study the Bible and pray for understanding. Then seek and knock on the doors of people’s hearts and minds. Surely God will move someone who with joy will share his understanding to help you to find a solution for your dilemmas, questions or problems.