Praying is a very special privilege. When we speak to the Creator of the universe, we should show deep respect.

We can begin our prayer with something respectful like, “Dear God,” or “Dear Lord,” or “Dear Heavenly Father.” We should always end our prayer with, “…in Jesus’ name, amen.” This shows God that we understand that we can only come to Him because of His son Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  In John (14:6 NIV) Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Many Christians pray before meals, when they wake in the morning or before bedtime. However, we can pray anywhere at any time. Even if you pray silently in your mind, God can still hear you!

What should we pray for? We shouldn’t pray for “things” like toys, money, or a bigger house. A main reason for prayers is to show our thankfulness to God for our lives, His son who died for us, our food, our beautiful earth, and so much more! 
We can pray if we are feeling scared or pray for someone we know who is going through a difficult time. We can pray for our enemies, forgiveness for our sins, guidance to do good each day, strength and courage to be faithful, or for a better understanding of the scriptures. Since God always knows best, we should pray for his perfect will to be done in all situations, whether it be for us or others.

We should always pray with sincere, honest hearts and tell God freely what is on our minds. 1 Thess (5:17) (New Living Translation) says, “Never stop praying!” That’s great advice!

So, how should we pray? With great respect, and anywhere at any time – even silently in our minds. We can open with a simple, “Dear God,” and always end with, “…in Jesus’ name, amen.” Instead of praying for “things,” we should ask for positive qualities that will help us follow God’s word and His son Jesus in our daily lives. We should also pray for others to find strength in God’s many promises, as well as for God’s perfect will to be done in all situations.   

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