In the very nature of things there are some things that it would be impossible for God, the great Creator, to do. Some say that it would be impossible for God to create two hills without a valley; however, we believe this could easily be accomplished by putting one hill on top of the other. The Bible itself tells of some things beyond the range of Divine possibilities. For instance, the Apostle Paul (`Heb. 6:13`) says that God could "swear by no other greater than Himself." Since the Lord God is the Supreme Being of the universe and none therefore greater than He, the truth of the Apostle's words is evident. Again we are informed that "He cannot deny Himself (`2 Tim. 2:13`). Because of His immutability or unchangeableness (`Jam. 1:17`) it would be impossible for the Lord God to deny Himself, or to do any wrong in any sense. The Divine character of Wisdom, Justice, Love and Power could never be altered or swayed in the slightest degree. This gives us confidence indeed that all of the Divine purposes will be accomplished exactly as prearranged from before the foundation of the earth. "Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world." (`Acts 15:18`.)