The question would seem to be a preposterous one, but when we reflect upon the meaning of the word faith; that it is not imagination or blind credulity, but, as defined by the Apostle, "Faith is a basis of things hoped for; a conviction of things unseen." (`Heb. 11:1`.) We can see that our Lord's teaching here is in agreement with what he taught on another occasion (`John 15:7`) where he set forth that the request must be in harmony with the Divine will. But since there is no basis of evidence for faith that the will of God is to remove literal mountains in answer to any idle or self-willed, or ignorant commands of men to do so, a genuine faith in his willingness to do it now is an impossibility. But regarding the mountain as a symbol of difficulty and obstruction in our individual Christian course, or in the course of God's work, we know that "Miracles" are wrought for those who exercise faith; and they going forward in the strength of the Lord, are permitted to overcome difficulties and to work righteousness otherwise impossible.