The teaching in Matthew 5, known as the “Sermon on the Mount,” was addressed primarily to those nearest to the Lord, namely, his disciples; the multitude would listen for any items in the address that would specially enlighten them.

In Matthew 5 we find crowds of people coming to hear the message of the great Teacher respecting the Kingdom.  In order to have his voice amplified to the crowds, Jesus went up the mountain onto a little mound, where he could be seen and heard by all. This elevated plane of the mountain side was known as the Mount of Beatitudes. Sloping gradually, about sixty feet in height, it was situated about seven miles South-west from Capernaum.

As was customary during His day, Jesus sat down while making His address, the people also sat down. The clothing typical at this time was loose, flowing robes,and sandals easy to remove. These people were accustomed to sitting with their limbs folded under them in what is sometimes styled "tailor fashion."

Jesus miracles had attested his divine authority as a Teacher and this drew the people to him "who spake as never man spake." (John 7:46.)