The development of character is the main purpose of our present existence. The importance of this work is manifest when we reflect that our interests throughout eternity depend entirely upon the kind of character we develop in this life. It is by contending against adverse influences that character is formed. Nearly all of the influences of the conditions of this life are opposed to the principles of righteousness. Those who are willing to fight the good fight of faith, struggling to rise against the downward tendencies of this present evil world, are assured of a high and heavenly reward in the life to come, as well as receiving the reward in this present time of a clear conscience and the glorious satisfaction of having lived a noble, honest life! Those who follow the lines of least resistance, drifting with the tide, may think theirs is the easiest way, but this is only a vain delusion for, after all, they have travelled the hardest way. "The way of the transgressor is hard." (`Pro. 13:15`.) A lie is never justifiable; and not only so, it is unprofitable. It weakens one's character in proportion to the enormity of the offense involved in the relating of the lie. Every step away from truth will have to be retraced either in this life or in the life to come. Throughout the Scriptures lying is condemned. Satan is called "a liar from the beginning." The character of the Lord Jesus is the standard of righteousness set before us, and in all His earthly experiences He set forth the truth and condemned the error. He spoke the truth at all times, and when it was not expedient to tell the truth, He was silent.