Many Christians are quite perplexed as to where the Lord Jesus was from the time of His crucifixion to the time of His resurrection. Some have the thought that He was away somewhere preaching to the spirits in prison (`1 Pet. 3:19`); some that He was with the thief in Paradise (`Luke 23:43`); some that He was in Heaven, and some that He was in a place of fire and brimstone called Hell. (`Psa. 16:10`; `Acts 2:31`.) However, the Bible does not leave us in doubt about the matter but plainly teaches that the Lord Jesus was in hell during the three days following the crucifixion. The hell of the Scriptures is not the hell of the creeds, but the condition of death, the grave. Jesus was in the tomb, the grave. He was dead, as the Bible affirms, and was raised the third day. See the following Scriptures and forget about the confusion of the creeds which in the main are unscriptural. (`1 Cor. 15:3,4`; `1 Cor.12:16`; `Acts 2:24`; `Rom. 6:4`; `1 Pet. 1:21`.) The Hebrew <sheol> the Greek word <hades,> and the English word hell all signify the same thing–the grave, the condition of the dead. All enlightened Bible Scholars and clergymen versed in the original languages of the Scriptures will acknowledge, if they are honest and unprejudiced, that there is not the slightest suggestion, in the original meaning of these words, of fire, brimstone and torment. We have not the space here to give an explanation of the Scriptures referred to at the beginning of this reply, but can assure all that these are in entire harmony with themselves, rightly understood, and with all the rest of the Scriptures which teach that our Lord was in the tomb for the three days preceding His resurrection.