The term "regenerated" is equivalent to the expression of "being born again." There are but two places in the Scriptures where the expression "regeneration" occurs. In `Titus 3:5`, it is used to represent the reforming and justifying influences of faith in the Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ; and again in `Matthew 19:28`, where it is used to represent that glorious moral, social, political, religious, and physical change which will be introduced by the Messiah who says, "Behold, I make all things new." (`Rev. 21:5`) The process of regeneration is now going on in the experiences of the members of the Church of Christ–the Christians. These have been begotten of the Spirit and must grow and develop as "new creatures," and will be born of the Spirit in the resurrection when as glorious spirit beings they will be invisible and powerful and can then go and come as the wind. (`John 3:8`) In the regeneration of the world, after the Church has experienced the new birth, the race will be restored to its primitive conditions of perfection and life as represented in Adam in the Garden of Eden–"The Times of Restitution of all things spoken by the mouth of all the holy Prophets." (`Acts 3:19-21`)