We believe that Jesus was born about October 1st. However, since Jesus never suggested we commemorate His birthday, it’s not important which day we choose to celebrate that wonderful, blessed event. Upon Christmas day, we may properly enough join with all whose hearts are in the attitude of love and appreciation toward God and toward our Savior. The habit of giving remembrances to each other at this time of year seems specially appropriate. God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. He is continually giving and we are continually receiving from Him; but amongst all His gifts, the one of greatest importance is the gift of His Son to be our Redeemer. 

Yes, the date of December 25th. does have pagan roots. But we are not celebrating paganism nor are we remembering pagan ideas during our Christmas gatherings. We are humbly thanking God for His mercy and love shown through the gift of His only begotten Son.