The combined testimony of the evidences in nature, aside from the inspired revelations of the Scriptures, is opposed to the theory of the best surviving the worst. In the realm of vegetation it is universally recognized that the finest flowers, fruits and vegetables, are produced only by the utmost care in training and cultivation. These fine varieties, if left to themselves, quickly deteriorate in quality, or else are entirely overcome by the weeds, thorns and briars. Does not this same principle hold in the animal kingdom? High-bred horses, dogs, and cattle, if left without the guiding hand of man, quickly degenerate into lower breeds, or else are entirely destroyed by inferior species of animals. This same principle is true with the races of men, as all history demonstrates, and as foretold in the Scriptures. Beginning with the Babylonian Empire, when it had reached to the very zenith of its glory, it fell in one night, yielding to the inferior kingdom of the Medes and Persians. These in turn yielded to the Greeks. Then Greece with all her learning succumbed to the inferior Latin races. And who is not familiar with the history of Rome which arose on the ruins of Greece? In the shattered remains of the Roman Empire, the modern nations of Europe and America, another mighty civilization, has reared its crest to a vast height, and is doomed to destruction. (See `Dan. 2:31-45`.) This present evil world, with its conditions of "the survival of the worst," is to pass away; and on its ruins will be established a new order of things, called "The world to come wherein dwelleth righteousness," in which "the survival of the fittest" will be absolutely true.–`2 Pet.3:13`.