Yes, Israel was carried captive to Babylon; there an Image was set up, and all were commanded to worship it.

Babylon is a type or shadow of the nominal church. Thus the name Babylon (Confusion) is applied to it in Revelation. Papacy was the greatest confusion or mixture of the church and the world. Sadly, the protesting, reformed churches are in much of the same confused (Babylon) condition. Papacy was “Babylon the GREAT” (Rev. 17:5), but in the time of “harvest”, the Lord calls the entire system BABYLON. 

Here, as in the shadow, the command first comes for all to worship the Head of Babylon (Papacy). Afterward, an Image was made, and all were commanded to worship it. In the first type, Daniel alone refused to worship any but the true God. (Dan. 6:7.) In the second type there were more – the three “Israelites indeed,” refused to worship the Image. (Dan. 3:18.) So, too, the number of true ones who are not worshiping the Image now, is probably three to one, compared to those who did not worship the Beast. 

For their refusal, they were bound and cast into a fiery furnace. So here those who do not worship the IMAGE are bound, hindered, their influence circumscribed, and they are speedily in a “FIERY FURNACE” – of tribulation. In the words of Revelation – they are killed and hindered from buying and selling. 

But behold, they were unharmed by the fire; it will soon be manifest to all, that they are not bound, and furthermore that there is with them the form of the FOURTH. Yes, the HEAD  – the TRUE HEAD – is with those who will not bow when all others bow; who heed not the enchanting music of the hour; these are overcomers. (See Dan. 3:6.)

As in the type deliverance came, so in the antitype, deliverance will fully come – the first resurrection glory – to those who have “not worshiped the BEAST, neither his IMAGE, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads or in their hands; and THEY lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years – this is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he that has part in the first resurrection.” Rev. 20:4-6.