A word for word rendering from the oldest Greek manuscripts of the quotation given above is as follows: "But the Son of Man coming, indeed, will He find the faith on the earth?" The "faith" in the text would have the meaning of system of belief or doctrines, as expressed in the Bible statement, "The faith once delivered to the saints." The Master's words imply that the existence of the true faith at the time of His second coming would be somewhat doubtful. The Lord's words are remarkably fulfilled in the conditions of the present day. We see that, owing to the hundreds of conflicting creeds and doctrinal systems; the many "isms," and the strong delusions and multiplied errors; so that if it were possible the very elect would be deceived; not many are holding to the true faith–only the "very elect." (`Matt. 24:24`.) The object of the Lord's return is to put aside all of the evil and the error, and to fill the whole earth with the true faith and knowledge of God and thus to bring about the blessing of all mankind.–`Habakkuk 2:14`.