Revelation 22:2 describes “the tree of life” with 12 fruits yielded monthly and with healing leaves.  This scene represents a future time when all mankind will be revived to life because of Jesus’ all-atoning sacrifice.  People, if willing, will grow in righteousness, after they are resurrected.  The river water symbolizes blessings of truth, from the Bible, freely available to all who desire it (see Revelation 22:17).  The trees of life planted by that figurative river picture the glorified Christ and His Church members, abundantly nourished by the water of life, carrying out God’s plan to nurture all willing people to perfection.  The symbolic fruits (of the spirit) provide life sustaining mental, moral, and physical nourishment.  The twelve types of fruit, yielded monthly, suggest that Christ’s ministry adapts to the changing condition of man as he returns to perfection. The leaves picture teachings of Christ, professed by the Church, which will heal all willing individuals and every nation, freeing them from all sin, sighing, imperfection (Revelation 21:4).

The man described in Psalm 1:1 denotes Jesus, and secondarily, his footstep followers.  Psalm 1:1-3 depict the gospel age Church during selection, prior to being united to Christ in heaven for the “healing of the nations” described in Revelation 22:2.  By avoiding worldly counsel (see Psalm 1:1) in favor of God’s word alone (see Psalm 1:2), the imperfect followers of Jesus are blessed.  Christians must make studying God’s word, and its sincere application to their daily lives, of utmost importance in order to develop spiritual fruit. Their transformation into Christlikeness prepares them to bless mankind (see 2 Peter 1:3-11), when they are resurrected as part of the Church class.  During the gospel age, these prospective members of Christ’s bride class are also likened to trees (see Psalm 1:3) planted by streams of life giving water. Figurative streams of God’s own truth and unmerited favor nourish God’s people so that they may bear spiritual fruit. Then if they properly utilize this sustenance, they will be qualified to bless others.      

Revelation 22:2 beautifully pictures refreshing restitution blessings (Acts 3:19-21) that will flow from the Kingdom of Messiah to humanity from the glorified Christ, Head, and body. Mankind, at first unhealthy, will be assisted in healing, physically, morally and mentally (Isaiah 35:5,6).  Israel, the first nation to be blessed, will assist in blessing all the rest of the nations.  The work of reconciliation between God and man will eventually be completed; man and earth perfected.

Psalm 1:1-3, depicts God’s people during the Gospel age. They access streams of truth from the Bible, shun unwise worldly counsel, and grow spiritually.

The willing of mankind will later have full opportunity to benefit eternally from the river of water of life, in the Millennium, when God’s law (of love) will be written on their hearts (see Jeremiah 31:33).