The whole history of the Christian Era has been one of bloodshed, wars and strife. And these for the most part have been brought about by differences of religious opinions. In `Matthew 24th chapter`, our Lord set forth a wonderful prophecy relating to the conditions that would develop in the world down to the time when He would return to establish His own Kingdom or government in the earth. There would be wars and rumors of war, earthquakes, famines, pestilences; and then, in the very end of the Age "a time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation." He foretold that His followers would suffer violence; that they would be persecuted and misrepresented; and that even in their own households there would be divisions. The Master's words are being strikingly fulfilled. They are just as true today as at any time in the past. The Lord never taught that conditions of peace and prosperity would be established in the earth prior to His second coming; but just to the contrary. The object of His coming again is to thoroughly demolish the present evil of things, and then to inaugurate the Creator's Government which will bring about universal peace and joy and happiness to all the families of the earth. Then Christ the Lord will be the "Prince of Peace;" and then, and not till then, will the angel's song be realized- -"Peace on earth; good will towards men."