We believe Job to have been a real person–a man. He is so referred to in the following Scriptures: `Job 1:1`; `Eze. 14:14-20`; `James 5:11`. This does not alter the fact, however, that a great allegorical lesson is taught by Job's experiences. As a whole, his life represented the experiences of the human family in the loss of everything. Job lost his children, friends, home, health, the affections of his wife–all –and he was nigh unto destruction in the tomb. Then came the turning point. He was restored to Divine favor and to all the blessings which he had formerly enjoyed, and had more abundance than he ever had before. This pictures the experiences of the human race. Adam, in Eden, was perfect, joyful and rich in life and a perfect home. He lost all of these, being driven from Eden and compelled to battle with the sterile soil of the earth. By and by, when the "Restitution of all things, spoken by Jehovah through His holy prophets," shall have come to the world, the human race will likewise be restored to Divine favor and receive greater blessings than ever before experienced.