There is a special fellowship established between God, Jesus, and true Christians. Jesus says it is very difficult to get to know the Lord. Difficult? Yes. God is so high and we are so low, it is difficult to get well acquainted. How do we do this? This develops as we grow in grace, in knowledge, in love, in the Heavenly Father’s spirit, and the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every day that you live as a Christian you are learning to enjoy more and more fellowship with the Father and the Son. Finally, you will come to have such a spiritual appreciation of God that you will truly know Him – really know Him  – not merely know about Him. 

He will come unto us and sup with us and will reveal Himself to us and show us His real character. We will get to understand, we will have the spirit of our Father and our Lord Jesus. Oh, we will know God, which is life eternal. Those who get into this fellowship will have eternal life. Those who do not get to know Him, who do not come into this fellowship, will not be in a position to have eternal life. That's right. That is what the Lord meant. So you see the blessed experience which brings us nearer to God is making us ready for this eternal life and glory, honor, and immortality.

Now the Apostle continues "that I might know Him and the power of His resurrection." His was a special resurrection. He was changed from the earthly nature to the divine – far above all others – that is the power and resurrection the Apostle wanted to know. We also experience the power of that resurrection now, to rise with Christ, walking with Him in newness of life, day by day. We are new creatures in Christ and thus hope to share with Him in that great glory.

"That I might know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering." What kind of fellowship is that? Unless you get that fellowship you cannot get the power of His resurrection. If you managed to avoid all suffering and shame it would mean that you were not living as you might. It would mean you are afraid of that suffering and shame.

This is the way to get fellowship: whatever you can do which will be in the Lord's service, the service of the Truth, the service of the brethren, do it. Then you will be getting into fellowship with Him, not only in mind, but also in suffering, and also in His spirit.