In the Genesis account of the creation of man, it is stated that he was in the "image and likeness of God." The words in the text would more properly be: "Man . . . is the glorious image of God." These words of the Apostle apply, of course, to the first perfect man, and not to man as he is today in his fallen depraved and degenerated state. The woman was created to be his "help-meet" (`Gen. 2:18`) and in the proper relationship that should exist between the two, would be to his honor and glory. In the third verse of this chapter, (`1 Cor. 11;3`) the Apostle explains that the "head of the woman is the man." (`Eph. 5:22-32.`) The Heavenly Father has arranged that His Son, the Anointed Jesus, who is in the "express image of the Father's person," (`Heb. 1:3`) is to have a Bride. (`Rev. 21:9`) This Bride is to be made up of a class, the elect overcomers of the Gospel Age. When completed and glorified, the Bride, the Church, will be the "Helpmeet" of Christ, and will be to His honor and glory.