The murmuring of the rising wind is distinctly audible to the ear. The sea and the waves of the troubled masses of humanity are already beginning to heave and toss and foam. The increasing winds of strife are driving the great sea of mankind into a frenzied state of revolt against the present social order–"the world that now is"–wave on wave, mounting higher and higher and rolling in upon the rocks and cliffs. The sullen thunder and roar of the sea as it breaks in ever increasing fury upon the shore, jarring and shaking the mountains to their center, forecasts only too well the on-coming of the cataclysm that is foreordained to overwhelm the entire world. The "earth" (society) and the "mountains" (kingdoms and governments) will be removed and carried into the midst of the sea (the turbulent and raging masses of humanity). (`Psa. 46:2,3`.) The great "waves" (nihilism, communism, socialism, and anarchism) are sweeping with irresistible force against the bulwarks of present institutions. [Habitation (the spiritual realm), He hath reserved in age]??