The Bible tells us about the unbreakable bond between David and Jonathan. We can apply these lessons to our own friendships today!

Friends usually share common interests, and for David and Jonathan, that was serving the Lord. When friends make God the number one priority in their lives, they can accomplish more by working together than on their own. Try reading a Bible story with a friend. The quiet thoughtfulness that comes with studying alone is nice, but with a friend, we might learn and remember twice as much! Ecclesiastes says, (4:9 Christian Standard Bible) “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts.”

Good friends are ready and willing to help, even in difficult circumstances. David needed Jonathan’s help to determine if King Saul, Jonathan’s father, intended to kill him or if he was safe. Jonathan didn’t hesitate to help David carry out any plan he chose to get the information they needed. 1 Samuel (20:4 NASB) says, “Then Jonathan said to David, ‘Whatever you say, I will do for you.’" 

David and Jonathan were loyal to each other. Saul, jealous of David, DID want to kill him. Jonathan challenged his father’s angry feelings, (see 1 Samuel 20:32) even boldly asking why David deserved to die. It takes courage to stand up for our friends if they are being hurt or bullied. We should ask parents, family members or teachers for help if we see this kind of behavior.
True friends support each other, even if it means one person taking second place. As the king’s son, Jonathan would normally have been the next king. But God had chosen David for that position. Instead of being jealous or angry, Jonathan accepted God’s will with grace and love, supporting his friend. 1 Samuel (18:3 NASB) says, “Then Jonathan made a covenant (or promise) with David because he loved him as himself.”  Similarly, in the book of Mark (12:31 NIV), Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Our “neighbor” means everyone around us, so we should be sincerely happy – not jealous – when good things happen to other people.

So, what made David and Jonathan’s friendship so strong? They were loyal and supportive, helped each other, and weren’t jealous if one had a higher position or greater ability. Godly friendships are especially strong because when we make God the number one priority in our lives, we work together for a wonderful purpose! 

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