12 Step programs can be a great blessing. These programs are designed for people with addictions or behaviors they cannot stop. The first three steps help the person to acknowledge he is out of control, powerless over the addiction. Then he recognizes God can help restore his sanity. Finally, he gives his will and life over to God’s care. How wonderful! God wants all people (addicts or not) to give their lives over to Him.

As with any sin, our lives are damaged by engaging in it. Therefore the next nine steps address the decay of our characters and the injuries we have inflicted upon others. By recognizing, taking responsibility for our faults, and making amends, we mature. We leave the infantile state of being self-centered, irresponsible, and sinful and are able to grow into responsible, caring, mature adults.

Having said this, not every 12 Step meeting is healthy. Sometimes it takes a while to find a meeting where you might feel safe sharing your problems. By attending meetings, you will have the support, understanding, and friendship of other sufferers. One important aspect of meetings is you will not be able to pull the wool over other addicts’ eyes by rationalization. They will see through your denials, hold you accountable, and encourage you to recover! Through working a 12 Step program, you will learn of God’s power, receive the support of others, and may grow into a mature adult.