There are a variety of thoughts about the Ezekiel 38 prophecy. The following represents one viewpoint. 

Three preconditions must be met prior to the war:

First, Israel must be regathered as a nation (verses 8,12). In the last 140 years, large populations of Jewish people have immigrated back to the promise land. The year 1948 saw Israel re-established as a nation. Now, Israel is the nation where the majority of Jews reside. 

Second, an alliance of countries must be gathered against Israel (verses 2-6). Magog = Russia.  Meshech and Tubal = nations of the Caucuses like Armenia and Georgia.  Persia = Iran.  Cush = Sudan or Ethiopia.  Put = Libya.  Gomer = a nation north of Israel, likely a European nation.  Togarmah = Turkey.  Based on this list of countries and their current relations with each other, it is unlikely the war will occur this year or next.  Many of these countries are antagonistic or are dealing with severe internal problems. Turkey and Iran are on opposite sides of several regional conflicts such as the civil wars in Syria and Yemen. Russia and Georgia are currently enemies. Libya does not have a consolidated government or an army capable of invading another country.  

Third, Israel must be at peace or perceived as being unable to defend itself prior to the war in Ezekiel 38 (verses 8,11,14).  Ezekiel 38 speaks of Israel being “at rest,” dwelling safely, “without walls, and having neither bars nor gates.”  This is seen from the perspective of Gog, of Magog, and of the associated nations.  From the viewpoint of the attacking nations, Israel will seem either helpless, defenseless, unsuspecting, or at peace.  Currently, Israel is certainly not at peace.  Israel faces the Palestinian conflict along with continued animosity from Syria and the Hezbollah.  Additionally, Israel is not defenseless. If this interpretation is correct, drastic changes would need to occur which would leave Israel temporarily at peace or defenseless in the eyes of other nations. 

Does this chapter speak to the completion of the church or bride class in relation to the delineated war? Not specifically. The battle in Ezekiel 38 aligns with the battle of Armageddon in Revelation 16:14,16-21 and the battle in Zechariah 14.  We know that the four winds of trouble will be held back until the knowledge of God’s plan has been sealed in the minds of each member of the church (Revelation 7:1-3). Perhaps, some of the last church members will still be completing their earthly course as the war begins. However, we believe the Church will be complete prior to the war’s completion.  The exact timing of the completion of the Church class is in God’s hands.  God is faithful, and anyone called to be a member of the bride of Christ will have sufficient time and experiences to show themselves faithful and more than an overcomer.