These English Bible translations are: Rotherham, RV (Revised Version, 1881-1885), the ARV (American edition of the Revised Version), the American Standard Version (ASV, 1901), and the NASB (New American Standard Bible, 1960-1971). The later three deliberately adhere to the most familiar wording of the AV (Authorized Version, or King James Version, 1611), except where accuracy or archaism requires a change.

Of the four versions listed above, we think that the American Standard Version (ASV, 1901) is the most accurate, based on our consultation with a Bible student, James Parkinson, who is not only a Greek and Hebrew scholar but also a Bible translator as well. He has published the Old and New Testaments RVIC (Revised Version Improved and Corrected), using the ASV as his prototype.