The "spirits" or spirit beings, are the ones referred to by the Apostle in the following verse as having been disobedient during the antediluvian period of time, in the days of Noah. Turning back to the early records of the Scriptures, we find that in `Gen. 6:1-4`, it is narrated how and in what manner these spirit beings disobeyed, and why they were cast into prison. Note the contrast in the expression, "The sons of God (the angels–`Job 2:1`) saw the daughters of men." These spiritual sons of God left their habitation, the spiritual realm, and materializing as human beings, took unto them wives of the daughters of men. In this way the "men of renown," "the mighty men," the "giants in the earth," were brought into existence. This was contrary to the Lord's arrangements, and therefore we read that those angels were deprived of their liberties under certain limitations: "And the angels which kept not their first estate (their spiritual state) but left their own lasting chains, under darkness (the darkness of the night, for they can operate only under the cover of the night or conditions of darkness), unto the judgment of the great day." (`Jude 6`.) The Apostle Peter also refers to them when he says, "God spared not the angels who sinned, but degraded them, and delivered them into chains of darkness." –Corrected Translation. (`2 Pet. 2:4`.) All history, both sacred and secular, is replete with instances of obsession, or demonizations, by these demons, or fallen angels. It was to these "spirits" that our Lord, by His death and resurrection, Preached a powerful sermon in pantomime.