The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.  The age of the pyramids reached its zenith at Giza in 2575–2150 BC.  Among the pyramids one alone testifies to a knowledge superior to that of any other monument of ancient Egypt. This monument is the Great Pyramid.  The knowledge displayed in the design of the Great Pyramid surpasses the capability of anyone known in ancient Egypt.  For example, each block averages sixteen tons in weight, while the fine joints between the blocks are no thicker than a piece of paper.  The Great Pyramid is the only one of the many pyramids on the Giza Plateau that contains ascending passages, chambers above ground, air channels in the upper chambers, a plugged passageway, a pit, and a grotto.  This ancient wonder has survived for over 4,000 years, and is the only one that still stands of the seven wonders of the ancient world.   

Although many theories have tried to explain its purpose, the overwhelming evidence supports the conclusion that the Creator of the universe was the architect of the Great Pyramid in its design.  Isaiah 19:19-20 reads: In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. (20)  And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a savior, and a great one, and he shall deliver them.Isaiah's prophecy gives three requirements which the Great Pyramid fulfills.  

1.      It is in the middle of Egypt: between upper and lower Egypt.  

2.      Thus, it also stands at the border of Egypt, at the natural boundary separating Upper and Lower Egypt.  The word "Giza" in the Arabic language means "border."  

3.      The Great Pyramid has stood the test of time and is a witness of the Lord in our day.

Why would the Creator of the Universe design the Great Pyramid? The system of passageways  reveals God's plan of salvation for mankind.  Simply stated there are three main passages that beautifully correspond to three paths for mankind, past, present, future:

1.      The downward passage is the "broad way" of Matthew 7:13:   "…broad is the way, that leads to destruction and many there be which go in…" 

2.      The upward passage that leads into the King's chamber is the "narrow way" of Matthew 7:14:  "…narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it." 

3.      The horizontal passage that leads to the Queen's chamber is the highway of Christ's future kingdom on earth.  Isaiah 35:8: "And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it…"  All men resurrected will have the opportunity to take this path.

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