It may be hard to understand, but nobody made God.

Psalms says, “Before the mountains were born, or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.” “Everlasting” means that God was always there. He has existed forever. He had no beginning and has no end. As imperfect human beings, our brains have a hard time understanding spiritual things.

We do know that God created the earth, animals, humans, and the entire universe!

Psalms 121:2 says, “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Hebrews 3:4 says, “For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.”

God never changes, so we can always trust Him and rely on Him and His word.

James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father who created all the lights in the heavens. He is always the same and never makes dark shadows by changing.”

We also know that God has four main qualities: WISDOM, JUSTICE, LOVE, AND POWER.

God is very wise. He sees all things and knows all things. He is “just,” or fair. He is loving and merciful. He is powerful and strong.

Talking about God and all that He is, Isaiah 40:28 says, “Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard? The LORD is the eternal God, Creator of the earth. He never gets weary or tired; his wisdom cannot be measured.”

So, who made God? Nobody! It’s difficult for our imperfect, human brains to understand, but He was always there, and He always will be.

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