There are numerous scriptures that tell us that God wants his creation to worship him and have an intimate relationship with Him. When sin entered the world, God and Adam lost that relationship. God desires to have this relationship in the Kingdom and has asked Jesus to bring all of mankind back to Him. I Timothy 2:3-4 .

If we define “church” in a very broad sense as a body or organization of religious believers, we can see from the scriptures above that God wants us to worship Him, to have a relationship with Him and that this relationship is different from the relationship that we would have with others. He wants a day specifically set aside for us to dwell on Him and his word. Therefore, establishing a “church”, a place, or congregation in which we could worship God along with others is very logical.

We can define “church” in a more narrow sense as Jesus did in Matthew 16:18 & Ephesians 5:23, 1:22; as those who want to follow closely in Jesus’ footsteps. Acts 2 talks about the holy spirit coming upon those who want to follow Him, including his apostles, so presumably the holy spirit helps people out who want to follow Him. Revelation 7:4-11 tells who will be in heaven: 144,000 + a great multitude (a large number of people); but Jesus told us to pray in Matt 6:9-13 . . .”thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. . .” This scripture indicates that there will be a kingdom on earth just as there is one in heaven. Who will be on the earth? Presumably whomever is not listed in Rev. 7.

Jesus could bring all of mankind to God to worship Him and practice righteousness (Isa. 11:9, Habakkuk 2:14) However, God made the provision for Jesus to have “helpers” to assist him in this endeavor as Paul says in Col. 1:23-24, to suffer for His sake and fill up that which is lacking in Christ’s afflictions. Christ being perfect could not experience everything (murder, adultery, etc.). Sin entered the world through Adam, and as such we are all sinners. Individuals can experience all of the awful things that the world can throw at them and if they have made a commitment to God./Jesus to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, have received the holy spirit, they will have the first hand experience to assist mankind in God’s Kingdom. Sometimes it is difficult for us to relate to someone who is rich, or famous, or different somehow, and them relate to us; so it will be with the people. Because the church has been through many of the same experiences that the people have had (divorce, illness, poverty, prison, etc.,), they will find it easier to listen when the church tells them they can overcome, because the church overcame while Satan was still king of this world, . The people will listen because the church has “been there, done that”. In the movie, The Hiding Place, two Christian sisters who are in a concentration camp are talking about starting a rehabilitation center for people when they get out; for both the inmates of the concentration camps, as well as the guards because their minds would be just as warped as those in the camps. The sisters stated that people would believe what they had to say about Jesus (“no pit is so deep that He is not deeper still”) because they had “been there”. They had experienced these awful things and seen man abusing his fellow humankind. Members of the Church will have had all the experiences that are common to man and will be able to relate to them. I Corinthians 10:13