Memorizing anything can be very difficult for many of us!   

When it comes to memorizing Bible verses, some suggestions that you may find helpful are:
•    Read and memorize from a version that is written in more contemporary English.  While many enjoy and appreciate reading the old English in the King James Version of the Bible, it is easier to remember more common wording.
•    Read your selected verses out loud multiple times to help reinforce them in your memory.
•    Write your verses down on index cards that you can review throughout the day. Hang them up in your home, bring them with you in the car, or carry them in your pocket to be read and meditated on when you have opportunity.
•    Select verses that are relevant to your current experiences that will also encourage you as you reflect on them.
•    Read the Bible often!  The more time you spend in God’s Word, the more familiar you will become with the stories, promises, teachings, and concepts that are so vital to a Christian’s growth.  Daily feeding and reflecting on the principles found there can be more beneficial in your walk with the Lord than just rehearsing verses you have memorized.    
•    Remember that the Lord sees all of our feeble efforts to honor His name, and when we fail, He loves us just the same!